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Ghouls Magazine presents the Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls Podcast! We are badass babes that have something to say on the gory genre! Looking at horror films, literature and more through the female perspective. Hosted by Assistant Editor, Rebecca McCallum, and Editor-in-Chief, Zoë Rose Smith, as they are joined by a different guest each month whom bring their unique and individual perspective to the horror work of choice.

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2 days ago

Did you listen to our episode talking about what we were excited to see at Soho Horror Film Festival? Well we’re back from crawling our worm bodies out of the earth to discuss what films we managed to catch at the festival and talk about which ones were our favs! Join host Zoë Rose Smith as she is joined by freelance journalists and Ghouls Magazine contributors Caitlyn Downs and Hannah Ogilvie to chat all things horror festival! Soho Horror Film Festival will be back in late 2023 but you can have a look at the website and follow the festival on Twitter to ensure you are the first to get tickets for the next event.Don't forget to follow our amazing guests Hannah and Caitlyn on Twitter! Don't forget to follow our amazing guests Hannah and Caitlyn on Twitter! Ghouls Magazine

7 days ago

When you go down to the Church tonight, you're going to be in for a surprise... At Ghouls Magazine we love independent cinema and to champion indie horror, Assistant Editor Rebecca McCallum caught up with Jen Handorf! They talk about British found footage horror film, The Borderlands (2013) which Jen Handorf is the producer of. They dive into the making of the film, what it's really like to film in UK caves and how this incredible horror film came to be.Don't forget to follow Jen Handorf on Twitter and check out Jen's work through her website.  Ghouls Magazine

Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

There's going to be worms, ghosting, hangovers, cults and more at this year's Soho Horror Film Festival and we are more than excited! Join host Zoë Rose Smith as she chats to Ghouls Magazine contributors and freelance journalists, Hannah Ogilvie and Caitlyn Downs. They talk a little about why Soho Horror Film Festival is one of the best UK horror festivals to showcase independent films from voices across various communities. They fangirl hard for creator Mitch Harrod and his deliciously depraved line-up. plus, the trio each talk about their top 3 films to catch at this year's in-person festival from Friday 11th November - Sunday 13th November 2022. Full festival tickets are SOLD OUT but you can grab tickets to individual films HERE! You can also grab tickets to the virtual film festival running from Thursday 17th November - Sunday 20th November! Ghouls Magazine will be hosting a live panel on Saturday 19th at 4pm GMT on Queens of King. Don't forget to follow our amazing guests Hannah and Caitlyn on Twitter! Ghouls Magazine  

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Halloween is nearly here and it's time to get your PJs on ready for a nightmarish movie marathon! Host Rebecca McCallum is joined by the slumber party experts, Joshua Tonks & Liz Bishop, to find out what 5 horror movies they recommend to watch this spooky season! Plus, the terrifying trio test their horror knowledge...You can follow Joshua Tonks on Twitter to find out more about what he's up to! Also have a listen to Josh's Spooky Halloween Spotify playlist and don't forget to grab tickets to see The Latent Image at Soho Horror Film Festival.  For more recommendations & articles you can follow Liz Bishop over on Twitter! You can find horror top 10s over on Collider and more editorials & reviews on Ghouls Magazine.  Make sure you're following host and Assistant Editor, Rebecca McCallum over on Twitter! And grab yourself a copy of Rebecca's horror zine 'Mums + Sons' now! Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Horror books can create just as much fear in the audience as horror films can, which is why at Ghouls Magazine we're also avid horror readers! Grab your blanket, a cosy drink, turn out the lights and settle in for some chats about horror literature. Join host Rebecca McCallum as she chats to two book aficionados Nina the Bookslayer and Alex Bookubus! Follow Nina the Bookslayer:  Follow Alex Bookubus:  Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Sci-fi horror is one of the most atmospheric and claustrophobic sub-genres there is, with a few classics that have completely defined the landscape. In this episode join host Rebecca McCallum and guest Tim Coleman as they look at the iconic and highly influential 1979 film from Ridley Scott, ALIEN.  Make sure you follow our 'brother' site Moving Pics Film Club, which looks at horror and other films. Many of our Ghouls contributors also write for the site and we just know that you'll love what the site has to offer! Follow Tim Coleman:  Follow Moving Pics Film Club:  Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧

Monday Oct 03, 2022

We all have those feel-good horror films that have ludicrous kills, completely out there plots and so much fun to have! James Wong's 2000 horror film, FINAL DESTINATION, is exactly one of those feel-good fun horror movies. Join host Rebecca McCallum and guest Jenn Adams as they discuss one of the most exhilarating horror franchises.  Follow Jenn Adams:  Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Looking for some nightmare fuel? Then Hideo Nakata's 2002 Japanese horror film, DARK WATER, is the film you're looking for. In this episode join host Rebecca McCallum and guest Melissa Cox as they dip their toes into murky water to discuss this horrifying and deeply saddening film. Follow Melissa Cox:  Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧

Monday Oct 03, 2022

J-Horror films have a reputation for being some of the most frightening and spooky horror movies, and whilst that rings true, J-Horror has so much depth and span to offer. Join host Zoë Rose Smith and guests Sarah Miles and Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana as they discuss two horror films helming from Japan. The first film is Koji Shiraishi's 2005 found footage mockumentary NOROI: THE CURSE followed by Satoshi Kon's 1997 psychological anime film PERFECT BLUE.  Follow Sarah Miles:  Follow Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana:  Follow Zoë Rose Smith:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧

Monday Oct 03, 2022

One of the most infamous folk horror films to ever be made is Robin Hardy's surreal and 1973 bizarre British movie, THE WICKER MAN. Join host Rebecca McCallum and guest Lakkaya Palmer as they set fire to the island that surrounds them to discuss why this film because such a cult classic. Follow Lakkaya Palmer:  Follow Rebecca McCallum:  Ghouls Magazine  👻 👹 📷💜 📧


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